New fresh produce storage bags help to minimize spoilage while keeping stored fruits and vegetables fresher for longer periods of time.

LAKE FOREST, Ill. — March 26, 2009 – Pactiv Corporation, maker of Hefty® brand products, today announced the introduction of new Hefty® OneZip® Fresh Extend™ produce storage bags designed to help keep fruits and vegetables fresher longer. These bags offer an easy and ideal solution for storing fruits and vegetables that can help to prevent premature spoilage. Consumers can keep produce fresher longer, which can help them save money. Simply place the unwashed, uncut, dry produce in the bag and slide the bag closed – it’s that easy!

“Hefty® OneZip® Fresh Extend™ Bags can save consumers money because they are specifically designed to minimize spoilage and keep stored produce fresher longer,” said John N. Schwab, senior vice president and general manager, Hefty® Consumer Products. “Fruits and vegetables are an important part of any healthy diet, but they can be hard to keep from spoiling before they are consumed. Our new Hefty® OneZip® Fresh Extend™ produce bags provide an easy and affordable way for consumers to keep a variety of fresh produce on-hand longer than traditionally recommended storage methods.”

Hefty® OneZip® Fresh Extend™ 1.25 gallon-size produce storage bags are large enough to store most fruits and vegetables. The bags are offered in 12-count and 20-count packs and are available at Target and select grocers, hardware stores and drug stores where Hefty® OneZip® slider bags are sold. The bags may also be purchased through Hefty® brand’s on-line partner,

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About the Hefty® Brand

The Hefty® brand is one of the nation’s most widely-recognized brands, with quality products including drawstring closure waste bags (Ultra Flex® and Cinch Sak® bags), food storage bags with slider closures (Hefty® OneZip® bags), disposable tableware (Hefty® Everyday™ plates, bowls, and cups) and disposable cookware (EZ Foil® pans). For more information about Hefty® brand products, visit

About Pactiv LLC

Pactiv is the world’s largest producer of food service disposables and food packaging operating 55 manufacturing plants in seven countries. With over 12,000 employees, Pactiv makes and sells products used in the foodservice, supermarket, and food packaging markets.


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