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What makes Reynolyn products different in terms of Appearance, Protection, Performance, Innovation, and Support.




Reynolon® shrink films' superb clarity and secure seals make for eye-catching retail displays.


Broad-range conformity and tough puncture resistance allow our films to shrink safely and securely to virtually any shape; protecting the value of your product.


Manufactured using computerized process controls, Reynolon® shrink films deliver superb performance; allowing you to remain efficient and competitive.


Our wide spectrum of films are suited to numerous applications. We look forward to understanding your unique needs.


For existing applications or for an application in development, Reynolon® sales representatives and support staff will provide valuable assistance.

Photo Gallery of Applications

Engineered to provide excellent performance without damaging delicate products. Reynolon® offers packaging with superb clarity.

Reynolon® film is ideal for heat-sensitive products like candles. Our low-temperature shrink and seal protects and enhances the product.

Reynolon® 9061 and 9161 wrap rugs securely without detracting from their natural beauty.

Reynolon® films keep gift baskets secure and look great on irregular shapes.

Reynolon® Shrink Films fast turn-around ensure rapid speed-to-market distribution of promotional multi-packs.

Reynolon® films offer superior strength and tear resistance, even over unsupported areas of the product.

Reynolon® bundling films deliver security and strength to aseptic brick-packs for less "break-outs".

With the flexibility to create bags in a variety of shapes and sizes on demand, Reynolon® offers an alternative to costly vinyl bags.

Reynolon® films eliminate wrinkles and gaps; allowing even lightweight products to be attractively displayed.

Reynolon® film won't curl your office supply products, so you can eliminate costly backing boards.

Reynolon® films' superb clarity and wrinkle-free shrinkage ensure that lightweight products are attractively displayed.

Reynolon® films' excellent clarity and gloss achieve a premium appearance with high integrity for multi-packs.

Lower temperature shrink technology allows Reynolon® films to offer a cost-efficient way to handle heat-sensitive products like tape.

Reynolon® meat and produce films are specifically formulated with excellent breath-ability to keep foods fresh.

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